These web pages contain much of my digital and traditional artwork. The images represent a collection of artworks created over many years. All the artworks are original regardless of the means by which they were created. All images within this website are copyright of SeeArt Studios, 1996 through 2022.

Regarding the digital artwork contained in these pages, the vast majority of my working career has been spent as a software engineer. In an effort to utilize those software development skills as part of my artistic expression, I opted to write the art software used to create the digital imagery. My sense is that by using my own invented brand of art software, maybe an identifiable signature, although subtle, can be seen in the resulting artworks.

The Instagram link will take you to the SeeArt Studio Instagram home page. You must log into Instagram to access these pages.

The Current Galleries link promotes some current artworks, both digital and traditional.

The Studio link is used to advertise events concerning the SeeArt Studio physical location or promote other areas of artistic interest.

The SeeArt Archives link refers to older versions of the SeeArt Studios website. I like keeping the older versions around. Each version has a sense of the era in which it was created. I thinks it's okay to reflect on them every so often.

I hope you enjoy viewing the artwork as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Thomas See

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